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Does this mean?

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I would almost bet that everyone here has had some sort of “supernatural” experience.

The thing I took from this part of the teachings, is that.

Yes those things did happin, but they are explainable.

Nothing more than interactions with a conciousness that we may or may not be able to totaly explain.

I say we may or may not due to the fact that I don’t know all the advances in interdimentional communication.

My point is that they are all people, some possibly confused by a transformation such as the traditional concept of death.

Some are quite aware of who they are and who you are.

But people (in a sense) non the less.

It has caused me to look at unification, on a whole new level.

Not only are we to be unified as a planet, but as an interdimentional being as well.

To create peacfull understanding with those whome we call ghost, demons, angels or even lost loved ones.

There are many kinds of existance, and we will need to become at one with all of these existances.

To understand their environment, thoughts and needs/desires.

No matter how our limited judgemental thinking may want to believe.

Truly we have been taught that to The ALL there is no good or evil.

Only the yen and yang, each one, every part as they should be fufilling their purpose.

Even those that we view as the most wicked, are as The Light would have them, for now.

Everything evolves, and everyone learns. The place where you are will change.

The speed of it is up to you, just like all of those around you.

We can’t controll what dimention we are borm into, just like we have no controll as to what our parents teach us.

You could have been raised in a very selfish and uncaring environment. But once you walk into the light (that we all are led to).

Those things that you once did as daily routine will be left behing like used toilet paper.

Your way of thinking and acting change. And so does your limited opinions.

Yes it is all real…and real people.

True unity is for everyone, everywhere. And on every plane of existance.