The Protocols of Scionics – The True Universal Philosophy

First Edition

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This book will probably NOT help you at all. Despite the fact that this book is completely founded in reality, maintains a constant adherence to reality in every word, and delivers incredible values, most people will reject its teachings.

So why would most people reject such powerful knowledge? It is because most human beings who have ever lived have been conditioned into loyalty to some form of mysticism, which exists in essentially infinite varieties. Mysticism is the opposite of reality-based thinking. The degree to which mysticism is embraced is the degree to which reality is rejected.


This book is not dedicated to the many, but to the rare, precious few: the few who are truly loyal to reality. The few who are able to recognize and resist mysticism in all of its harmful and even deadly forms. The few who stand strong and often alone, against a mad mob vainly struggling to negate reality through irrational mystical bellowing. The few with the courage to lead the darkness-loving masses of humanity into the light of reason and reality, despite the ignorant cries of protest and resistance from those same masses.

Here's hoping that you are one of the precious, rare few.

If you are, this book is dedicated to you, a bearer of light.


1:1 SCIONICS: Science Versus Mysticism


Modes of Conscious Integration


Purely Sensory Consciousness

Perceptual Consciousness

Conceptual Consciousness

Modes of Conscious Relation

Driven Consciousness

Loving Consciousness

Observational Consciousness

Unitary Consciousness


Philosophy as Concept-Formation


The Axioms of Metaphysics

The Three Metaphysical Axioms:

Ontology: Materialism, Immaterialism and Dualism

Metaphysical Assumptions of Scionics Philosophy

Selected Metaphysical Assumptions of Scionics Philosophy

One Reality, Many Possible Realms

Metaphysical and Philosophical Naturalism


Objectivity, Science and Self-Honesty



Intuitionism and Emotivism

Empiricism, Rationalism and Empiricorationalism

Methodological and Epistemological Naturalism


Biological Survival and The Hedonic Response

Free Will

Value Standards and Conscience

The Guiltless Empiricorational Pursuit of Maximum Hedonic Value

Social Rights and Duties: The Non-aggression Principle

Love and Compassion

Ethical Naturalism



Specific Social Issues


Crime and Government

Money and Banking


Recreational Drugs and Alcohol



Reproduction and Abortion

The Implementation of Scio-anarchy

Political Naturalism


Art, Aesthetics, and Hedonic Value


Art and Pseudo-art

Sense of Life and Value-Reflection

Sense-of-life and Empiricorational Aesthetic Nobility



Aesthetic Naturalism


Theology vs. Atheology; Supernatural vs. Transcendent

The Infinite, Eternal and Ever-expanding Nature of Reality

The Big Bang

Eternal Inflation

Classical and Relativistic Physics

Quantum Physics


The Uncertainty Principle

Non-locality and Entanglement

Quantum Collapse: The Collapse of the Wave Function

Universal Entanglement

Quantum Consciousnesses

Universal Consciousness

Consciousness is an Organizing and Guiding Principle of Reality

Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life and Death


Life and Death

Mind, Spirit, and Soul


Atheological Naturalism

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17 Replies to “AE-DOC: the-protocols-of-scionics”

  1. I’m looking forward to learning all I can about scionics. As I browse around the website I realize how much there is to take in. I agree with I understand so far.

  2. I do have questions about the mind and how humans do communicate with one another if they have that ability developed. Also, with my old dog if I call him to his bath he remembers that it is not pleasurable so he will stay where he is like sitting in front of the fireplace where he is warm and cozy if not running upstairs to get away from the bath. Yes, I believe all have a level of pain and pleasure knowledge.

  3. Im Intrigued to see where within the book the split from mystical concepts and scientific diverge, because this article resembles christ consciousness and new age modes of thought, which I’ve experienced. I’m Looking forward to the more concrete concepts. Thanks for posting.

  4. I like the reference to Henry David Thoreau’s 1849 essay, “Resistance to Civil Government” it reminds me of the coffeehouse I used to attend Sunday service at when I first began to question the legitimacy of Christianity. Thoreau Woods Unitarian Universalist Church

  5. 1:7 POLITICS

    I am at a loss for words.
    This quote best describes my thoughts right now.

    “Scionics politics, as embodied in scio-anarchism and the non-aggression principle, is the ultimate, invincible form of political naturalism.”

    The Scionics Institute has maintained my full support. I look forward to the progression of Scionics.

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