Many websites have a page of “Frequently Asked Questions,” or “FAQs.” We do too, but we have to admit that we don’t really know, in advance, just what questions will be “frequently asked” of us. In light of this, we have simply compiled certain information, which we think might be of interest to our visitors, into the common “faqs” format. Over time, if we find that certain questions actually are asked frequently, this will be reflected on this page.

Q: What is the Scionics Institute?

A: The Scionics Institute is the research, publishing and policy arm of the Church of Scio-Buddhism; as such, it disseminates and publishes fully integrated, non-mystical, rational, reality-based information, in the faith and knowledge that such information is required for the actualization of the highest potential of the individual and society. This information is a long-overdue and much needed antidote to the all-too-common mysticisms and superstitions which have plagued humanity since before the beginning of history itself.

The mandate of the Scionics Institute is to continue the work of the Founder of the Scionics Project. While the Scionics Institute is an arm of the Church, the Church does not direct the activities of the Institute; to the contrary, it is the Scionics Institute which sets policy for the Church. In fact, if the Scionics Institute were to develop or discover new information contradictory to currently establish Church Doctrine, the Church would be bound to modify its Doctrine accordingly. The Church of Scio-Buddhism will, in this way, maintain an iron-clad grip and adherence to the most accurate information available.

Q: Who created all of this?

A:  The Scionics Project was initiated by one person, the “Founder,” decades ago. Due to the massive scope and complexity of this project, others with particular knowledge and skills were consulted and aided, to various degrees, guided by the Founder and the principles he established. These principles included a complete commitment to honesty, reality and rationality (or “empiricorationality,” as we collectively refer to these mutually necessary principles).

It has been determined that we should remain anonymous at this time, because much of the information generated by the Scionics Project directly contradicts and exposes the false mysticisms inherent in much of religion, government, and society in general. To reveal our identities would be to put ourselves at risk of becoming the targets of those who might view us as threats to their belief systems or power structures.

Q: Is the Scionics Institute a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization? Are donations to the Scionics Institute tax deductible?

A: No, we are not registered as a 501(c)(3) organization, but we are structured and operate in such a way as to automatically have not-for-profit status under IRS Code 501(c)(3). To learn about our 501(c)(3) status, click here.

We are not lawyers or tax specialists. We are simply expressing our understanding of our tax-exempt status, but will refrain from giving legal or tax advice regarding the tax-status of donations to the Scionics Institute.

Q: Are you the “Illuminati?”

A: We get this question from time to time. There is an organization known as the “Scio-Illuminati,” which claims to trace its roots back to the time of Pythagoras, and which has promoted our philosophy and The Protocols of Scionics. We have no way of verifying their claims regarding their origins.

We are happy whenever anyone promotes our work, and uses it the way it was meant to be used: as an instrument for promoting rational, reality-based thinking, and for creating a more happy and peaceful world. The “Scio-Illuminati” also appear to have many of the same goals as we do. That said, we are separate organizations, although we definitely are working to “illuminate” an often very dark world.


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