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Theism is a belief in one or more gods, and theology is the philosophical inquiry into the nature and role of such gods in relation to human beings. Atheism is the belief that no such gods exist at all.

Scionics takes a much more sublime position, which we term “matheism.” This involves the recognition that mathematical truth is the foundation of all existence. Mathematical truth is uncreated, infinite, eternal and immutable. Nothing, not even a god, could create, destroy, or alter mathematical truth in any way. We use the term “matheology” to refer to the philosophical investigation of the idea that reality is founded upon mathematics itself.

Scionics recognizes that there must be some explanation for how mathematical truth can give rise to our experience of reality. While this is unknown, we advance the conjecture that the mathematical nature of consciousness is such that consciousness must exist wherever mathematics exists. We also go further than this, and develop an explanation of how the activity of consciousness could give rise to the experience of physical reality.