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When I resd this I realized that I had allowed my mind to be flooded with useless information.

Stories and analigies that truly led no where.

I told myself to “shut down” if you will.

I turned off all emotional and preconceptions.

This caused me to rethink things.

Naturally my emotions for family and loved ones made rational sense, so they automaticly returned.

But the feelings were different.

I now thought about why I loved those around me, in fact I found myself thinking about why I feel the way I do about everything.

When I read things , I now think about why I should believe what I AM reading, and not just weither or not it makes some sort of sence.

I now see all information as incomplete.

Knowledge is in a constant state of fluxuation.

Therefore nothing or no one can be catagorized or judged.

This has given me a peacefullness.

I realize that my place in existance means nothing.

The truths of today may mean nothing tomorrow.

Being everything also makes you nothing;

Being nothing makes you everything.

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This idea of “rebooting” as a metaphor for reassessing information is very appropriate. In particular, as one learns to recognize and eliminate mysticisms, and conversely, learns to recognize and integrate empiricorational information, one begins to see the world more clearly, as if through “new eyes” – but really with a “new mind” – a “sciomind” employing “sciothink!”