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Epistemology is the study of the nature, acquisition, formation, and evaluation of information, truth, knowledge, concepts and beliefs. Scionics recognizes that the most reliable knowledge comes from a form of extreme and profound self-honesty, which is characterized by the rejection of hopes or fears as a means for determining that which one accepts as true or false, and instead unflinchingly embracing the evidence of reality and reason, wherever this evidence leads. Scionics labels this critically applied integration of empiricism (reliance upon actual experiential evidence of reality) and rationality (reliance upon logic itself) as “empiricorationalism.”

While some may see empiricorationalism as a sort of “cold” or strict approach to the acquisition and evaluation of knowledge, this approach nevertheless is the most powerful available to human beings. The disciplined application of this approach leads the individual to the most accurate and reliable knowledge of reality. The value of this is that the more accurate and reliable one’s knowledge of reality is, the more one can act in actual (rather than imagined) harmony with existence, and the more effectively can one pursue and attain happiness and fulfillment (and those things which lead to them) both for oneself, one’s loved ones, and for others in general.