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I have been pondering the things written.

And a question arose.

What is your interpritation, view or belief about this statement…

“Everything happens for a reason”.

Thank you.

Scionics Institute
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“Everything happens for a reason” is typically interpreted as involving the planning, design, or intervention of a god, or some other imagined supernatural being or force. This is mysticism, and Scionics rejects all mysticism.

On the other hand, every event does have a cause. These causes are always the operation of natural forces, not anything supernatural.

Mystical ideas are usually spread because they “feel good.” It may feel good to believe that there is some supernatural reason for events to transpire as they do. It makes good events seem to be the result of some benevolent supernatural force, and it makes bad events seem more palatable, because one has the hope that they happened for some as-yet-unknown “higher purpose” or “greater good.”

Sometimes this idea is even spread by people as a way of manipulating others. A priest may tell someone that “God brought you to me for a reason,” as a way of manipulating someone into believing that he or she should attend (and donate to) that priest’s church. One person may deceptively try to seduce another, by telling him or her that “we met for a reason,” or that “it was meant to be.”

In nature, things often just happen due to the operation of essentially random, chaotic natural forces, and they never happen due to supernatural forces of any kind.  Accepting and internalizing this may be difficult, but it is the truth – and dealing in truth, rather than feel-good mysticisms, is the path to becoming more effective and powerful in dealing with reality.

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