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Politics is concerned with such issues as the proper forms of legal, governmental and economic systems, and related issues. It deals with many of the same issues as the subject as ethics, in that it is concerned with proper (or ethical) and improper (or unethical) modes of interaction between individuals, although it is often particularly concerned with organizations of individuals such as businesses, governments, etc., and representatives and agents of such organizations.

Any proper, well-formed political system must be based upon proper ethical standards and principles. Building upon the ethical principle of non-aggressive empiricorational hedonism, Scionics recognizes that the only proper function of government is the duty to ensure the free exercise of the individual right to the pursuit of hedonic value through the protection of the individual against initiatory aggression by other individuals or groups, or even by the government itself. Scionics identifies this as the governmental duty to protect against initiatory aggression.

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