AE-DOC: matheism-and-psychonics

Part One: Matheism and Psychonics Explained

This book is divided into two parts. Part One is a detailed exploration of the Scionics Institute's metaphysical and scientific integrations regarding the ultimate foundation and cause of all reality: matheism, a far superior alternative to either mystical theism or simplistic atheism. It then explores the nature of consciousness itself, positing a mathematically necessary universal field of raw consciousness, the psychonic plenum or psychonic field, which permeates and is existence. (Note that raw consciousness is crucially different from mind. This very important distinction will be made clear later.) It finally explores psychonics, describing how the activity of raw consciousness, due to its own hedonic and mathematical nature, gives rise to the tangible reality which we experience, and serves as the mechanism which underlies all of physics, including the origin and destiny of the universe, the big bang, general relativity, and quantum mechanics. It also resolves a number of longstanding philosophical issues, such as the mind-body problem, and the so-called “hard problem of consciousness.”

Part Two will compare the Psychonic Network Hypothesis with related ideas of other thinkers, both historical and contemporary. This will serve to demonstrate how this hypothesis easily resolves issues which previously were either left unresolved or were incorrectly or unsatisfactorily resolved.