Scio-Spirituality: Thou Art Scion

Thou Art Scion

Terms such as “scio-spiritual” and “scio-magical” relate to the terms “spiritual” and “magical” in a somewhat poetic, metaphorical, and euphemistic sense, serving as the empiricorational analog of these terms, without entailing the actual acceptance of any mysticism. In this wise, unlike their irrational and non-reality-based mystical counterparts, they are firmly based upon reason and reality. This requires a psychological orientation of profound honesty, as opposed to the psychological orientation of dishonesty ultimately required to maintain mysticism.

Watching and contemplating the moon can be a scio-spiritual practice, shared with many traditions going back to unknowable time, but approached now in an empiricorational manner.

There can be a scio-spiritual aspect to watching the moon slowly “waving” in and out each month,
with a frequency of one month,
and an amplitude of one moon.

When watching the moon there is not only the moon.
There is, of course, the added variable factor of the weather.

Throughout each month, nights could be clear, cloudy, rainy, whatever,
giving a very variable view of the moon at different times as the month progresses.
Sometimes there will be no view at all, perhaps even on the night of the full moon.
This need not be a reason for unhappiness,
but a reason to appreciate the power of empiricorationally based faith – which is really KNOWLEDGE.

When the moon cannot be seen, we live in the empiricorationally based faith that the moon continues to exist.
Meditating upon this can lead to meditating upon the much wider, and in fact universal,
application of empiricorationalism in all things, in all thoughts.
Until one has progressed from empiricorational meditation upon the moon,
to the ever expanding empiricorational meditation upon reality itself.
The study of reality is admittedly an infinite subject, but a subject which one can approach in a systematic way,
endeavoring to start by trying to understand the most fundamental, important, and relevant aspects of reality first,
and then branching out as much as possible, particularly in directions which seem also to be most fundamental, important, and relevant.
This could also be viewed as approaching the study of reality in the manner which seems the most beneficial or profitable,
where “beneficial” and “profitable” are viewed in the widest and most enlightened scope possible.
The purpose of this endeavor is, fundamentally, to gain ever more knowledge and understanding of reality,
in order to gain ever more control over reality, inasmuch as such is possible,
in order to use that increased control of reality to (hopefully) gain ever more happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment.
The “scio-magic” in this would be to “just be,” even while striving in the empiricorational spiritual pursuit of
ever increasing knowledge, understanding, and control of reality, or to put it more succinctly,
the empiricorational spiritual pursuit of the ever increasing empricorational integration of reality.
This “scio-magic” (again, so to speak) would be to learn to love the experience of reality, and in the striving to integrate it.
Even better is to simply BE the experience itself, which (from your persepective as an individual) is to BE the consciousness which experiences, integrates, and reacts to reality – or even better, to simply BE the experiences, integrations and reactions.

One could “thank” the full moon. The moon will not hear it, of course. And one doesn’t necessarily need to “thank” the moon in words.
One can “thank” the moon (or anything esle for that matter), from the perspective of one’s appreciation of it, in other words, by simply experiencing a sense of gratitude for experiencing it.
This appreciation means nothing to the moon. But it does mean something to the one doing the appreciating.
When one is grateful, loving, or anything else, one has a direct and positive effect upon one’s own consciousness,
i.e., of one’s experience of reality.
Positive states of consciousness tend to (1) increase the scope, power, and usefulness of one’s conscious integrations,
and (2) increase one’s level of conscious relation, essentially pushing one to a state of higher consciousness.
Furthermore, they are a value unto themselves.

Empiricorational integration is the scio-spiritual superpower of the ScioMind, the true mind of Scion.
It is our empiricorationally justified faith (i.e., knowledge) empiricorationally put into practice.

Be the experience of reality, from your own perspective.
Be the striving for ever increasing empiricorational integration.

Be loving and grateful for the experience, and therefor also simultaneously be loving and grateful both for oneself and for reality as a whole.
Be an empiricorational being.

Be an enlightened being.

Thou Art Scion.