Scionics Poetry

Scionics Poetry


Here is some poetry which is consistent with Scionics. Not all poetry has to rhyme.

Always Remember

Our freedom and democracy are truly precious and fragile things,
ultimately only protected by us, by our actions.
If we do not protect our freedom, we can easily lose it.
Democracy is one of the very direct systems by which we can protect our freedom.
Democracy allows the people to protect and guide the freedoms they enjoy.
Inasmuch as one wishes to be free, one must exercise one’s democratic powers wisely.
The shape of freedom should reflect the will of the people.

Truth/Honesty involve a harmony/consistency between statements/beliefs and reality.
To walk in truth/honesty is to walk in harmony/consistency with reality.

The will of the people can be molded by the media, or the educational system, or family, or friends, or whatever.
These all serve as sources of information.

Sources of information can propagate either truth/honesty or falsity/dishonesty.
People are better informed when they are honestly shown true information.

The electorate is much better able to exercise its democratic power if it is not only shown truth,
but also shown how to differentiate that which is true from that which is false.

Empiricorationalism is harmony/consistency with reality.

Inasmuch as individuals wish to live in a free society, they must seek and propagate truth, and harmony/consistency with reality.
The shape of the will of the people should reflect reality. Always remember.

The Zen of The Program

A complex program is a construct of almost pure informational flow.

Programming, at its highest and most abstract level, involves mentally grokking
(internalizing, integrating, implementing, visualizing, conceptualizing, forming, modifying)
this infomational flow, and implementing that which is grokked via computer code.
It is the implementation of grokking via computer code.


  \INFORMATION>There is the grokking/implementation of computer code, “programs,”

  \INFORMATION>to perform the seemingly simplest of tasks:
  \INFORMATION>keystrokes, display, and such-level routine operations,
  \INFORMATION>by which we most typically and directly interact with the machine.
  \INFORMATION>Even lower there are routines, and routines lower than that,
  \INFORMATION>and routines lower than that, and so on,
  \INFORMATION>until the routines are running on the metaphysical “bare metal”
  \INFORMATION>(actually “the bare informational”)
  \INFORMATION>processing of the “Yes/True/On” and “No/False/Off” states of
  \INFORMATION>computational elements and the bits they store and process.
  \INFORMATION>Programming involves
  \INFORMATION>(1) harnessing the power of these various routines,
  \INFORMATION>from the lowest levels to the highest levels, as is necessary, and
  \INFORMATION>(2) creating new routines, as necessary.
  \INFORMATION>Sometimes a port might need to be turned off or on,
  \INFORMATION>or some other machine-specific or machine-based or machine-necessitating task must be done.
  \INFORMATION>Other times the information is being weaved in an intricate dance of amazing beauty.
  \INFORMATION>A logically necessary labarynth of logically necessary logical constructs,
  \INFORMATION>themselves constructed of logically necessary labarynths of logically necessary logical costructs:
  \INFORMATION>bits flags, variables, lists, arrays, objects, etc.,
  \INFORMATION>and the logic which determines their flow, creation, incrementation, integration, modification, etc.
  \INFORMATION>There is the grokking/implementation of computer code,
  \INFORMATION>and there is the grokking/implementation of human code:
  \INFORMATION>    cognition and psychology: how humans tick/think
  \INFORMATION>    social structures: laws, politics, government
  \INFORMATION>    philosophies: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, aesthetics,
  \INFORMATION>        and that which has typically been seen as the province of religion or spirituality,
  \INFORMATION>        which Scionics has identified as matheology, psychonics, and scio-spirituality