The Protocols of Scionics

The Protocols of Scionics – The Grand Universal Philosophy

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This book will probably not help you at all, although it contains the foundation of the most liberating, empowering, and wide-scope system of thought ever developed. It maintains an unshakable commitment to reason and reality in every word, delivering incredible values across the vast field of human knowledge and activity, yet most people will reject its teachings.

Why would anyone reject such powerful knowledge? It is because most human beings who have ever lived have been conditioned into loyalty to some form of mysticism, which exists in essentially infinite varieties. The degree to which mysticism is embraced is the degree to which reason and reality are rejected. If you, like so many others, are an eager victim of the very reality-denying irrational delusions, superstitions, and mysticisms which drain so much human potential and happiness from both yourself and others, then this book is not for you. You are a mystic, and while we would like to disencumber you of your pernicious mysticism, we know we can't. Only you could – but mystics, sadly, love their mysticisms.


This book is dedicated, not to many, but to the very rare few; not to the unworthy, but to the precious; not to the common, but to the extraordinary. It is dedicated to the very rare few who are able to recognize and resist mysticism in all of its harmful and even deadly forms. It is dedicated to the precious few who stand strong and often alone, against a mad mob vainly struggling to negate reality through irrational mystical bellowing. It is dedicated to the extraordinary few with the courage to walk in the light of reason and reality, despite the ignorant cries of protest and derision from the masses who love the darkness, and would have you walk in darkness too.

If this describes you, you are not alone. You are already one of us, one of the rare, precious, and extraordinary few, although you may not yet be aware of it.

If you are, this book is dedicated to you, a golden bearer of light.

Welcome home.


1:1 SCIONICS: Science Versus Mysticism


Philosophy as Concept-Formation



The Axioms of Metaphysics

The Three Metaphysical Axioms:

Mathematical Psychogenesis:

One Reality, Many Possible Realms

Physically Inaccessible Realms

Computationally Separate Realms

The Significance of Existence within the Various Realms

Metaphysical and Philosophical Naturalism

1:4 Modes of Consciousness

Modes of Conscious Integration


Purely Sensory Consciousness

Perceptual Consciousness

Conceptual Consciousness

Modes of Conscious Relation

Driven Consciousness

Loving Consciousness

Observational Consciousness

Unitary Consciousness


Objectivity, Science and Self-Honesty



Intuitionism and Emotivism

Empiricism, Rationalism and Empiricorationalism


Biological Survival and The Hedonic Response

Free Will, Determinism, and Punishment

Value Standards and Conscience

The Guiltless Empiricorational Pursuit of Maximum Hedonic Value

Social Rights and Duties: The Non-aggression Principle

Love and Compassion

Hedonism, Stoicism, and Buddhism


Ethics: The Proper Foundation of Politics

Scionism: Empiricorational Libertarian Minarchism

“That Government Is Best Which Governs Least”

Absolutely Minimal Government – Non-Coercion

The Preparation of Individuals – Internalization of Non-Coercion

Government is an Expedient – Establishment of Non-Coercion

Scionism Establishes Rule by Philosophy


Worker and Housing Co-ops

Social Consensus: Voting and Representation

Voting Methods

Representation Methods

The Operation of the Minarchy

Legislation: The Minarchist Council and the Philosophical Court

Law Enforcement: The Peace Force and Justice Courts

Funding the Minarchy

Money and Banking

Part 1: A Brief History of Money

Part 2: The Current Hijacking of Money

Part 3: The Scionistic Future of Money

Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Certifications


Love and Marriage

Reproduction, Abortion, and Children

The Establishment of Scionistic Communities

Cryonics and the Incalculable Preciousness of Life




Fine Art and Decorative Art

True Art Versus Pseudo-art

Sense of Life and Value-Reflection

Empiricorationalism in Art

Empiricorational Execution

Empiricorational Realism

Empiricorational Nobility





The Evolutionary Origins of Human Music

Selectivity and Empiricorationalism in Music

1:9 Matheology

Matheism Versus Theism or Atheism

Mathematical Psychogenesis

The Psychonic Network

Quantization, Locality, Non-locality, Relativity and Causality

The Mind-Body Connection

Cosmology – The Eternal Cyclic Expansion Theory

The Uncertainty Principle

Hypothetical and Non-hypothetical Features


The Psychonic Plenum