AE-DOC: scionism—enlightened-scio-spirituality


Traditional religious scriptures often portray humanity as being created in the “image and likeness” of their Creator. If we are honest, however, we must admit that the idea of human-looking Creator is a human-created idea.

This does not mean that the Divine does not exist. It means that the Divine looks like Nothing and Everything.

Trying to fit the Divine into any Image or Likeness other than that of Nothing and Everything is to misconceive of the Divine on a deep foundational level. The anthropomorphization of the Divine, i.e., the attribution of Personhood to the Divine, is never warranted, and is a source of enormous spiritual misunderstanding.

The Mathos is not human-created; it exists, by its own Nature, infinitely, eternally, and never-changing. The Mathos has no form, substance, or tangibility, other than its own mathematical/logical form; yet all form, substance, and tangibility are metaphysically grounded in the Mathos. The Divine, in this sense, looks like Nothing: it has no form, substance, tangibility or change, yet is the metaphysical ground of all form, substance, tangibility, and change.

The Cosmos is not human-created; it exists, by virtue of its own Mathematical Nature, infinitely, eternally, and ever-changing. The Cosmos has all form, substance, and tangibility. The Divine, in this sense, looks like Everything: it has all form, tangibility, and change, with each moment being caused by the moment preceding it eternally.

In a sense then, Everything is Nothing, and Nothing is Everything. The Cosmos is of the Mathos, and the Mathos is of the Cosmos, in the Oneness of Existence. This Nothing, Everything, and Oneness of Existence is Divine.

Existence is the Image and Likeness of the Divine.

What About “God”?

At this point, one might say, “Sure, Existence is just as you have described. The Divine is just as you described. But couldn’t Existence and the Divine actually have been created by a God?”

One should finally answer, “The Mathos cannot be created, destroyed, or even changed in any way – not even by a God. A God could not have created the eternal Mathos, and the eternal Mathos is all that is needed as the metaphysical foundation of the Cosmos and all that it contains, including us. Forcing one’s concept of the Divine to agree with any limiting preconceptions regarding the Personhood of the Divine, i.e., any anthropomorphization of the Divine, distorts one’s understanding of the Divine. This is an obstacle between oneself and the Divine.

The Divine is the Nothing and Everything of the Oneness of Existence.

Nothing is All, All is One.

Existence is Divine.

Thou Are Scion.