SCION: Einstein's God

Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements



The Infinite and Eternal Cosmos

Quantum Physics

Quantization: The “Pixelation” of the Physical World

Non-Locality, Entanglement, and the “Observer Effect”

Einstein's “Spirituality”

The Eternal and Infinite Universe

Complexity from Simplicity

The Metaphysical Primacy of Mathematics

SCION: The Plenum of Consciousness

The Physical World

Free Will

Physical Objects

Physical Sentient Beings

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Interference

Virtual Particles

The Expansion of the Infinite, Eternal Scionic Network

Other Implications and Conclusions

Our World is the “Platonic Realm”

Democritus' Atoms

Quantum Uncertainty and Epicurus' “Swerve”

Resolving Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism

Leibniz's Monadology – Without Teleology

The Ultimate Resolution to All Scientific Mysteries

Logos, Pathos, Ethos, Mythos – and Back to Logos

All Proceeds from Number

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